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    Bohzine (Spence)

    Hi all!

    I’m just a little Zine with a HUGE GAY creator! 😛

    Long story short… I’m fortunate enough now (after 22 years in Graphic Design) and 30+ years making zines/tagging/sign painting, yada-yada; to be able to just produce an over-the-top (I said “TOP”), WAY-OVER-BUDGET (-LOL- like that’s new), offset printed (YUP! OFFSET!! I have reached an age where I don’t need to sit on the floor of a Kinkos anymore) … Zine. Check out my site details.


    **** Things & stuff about it and Submission link ****

    I love to showcase creativity and expression in ALL of its diversity and share the lives of artists, poets, photographers, musicians, gamers, rule breakers and the marginalized alike. This collaboration covers everything AND the kitchen sink! I want an equal, balanced voice for both those in the limelight and those whose quiet dedication behind the scenes help make it all possible. From the seasoned professional to the seldom seen work of the undiscovered. Everyones “voice” should be heard!

    BOHZINE is focused on giving the full spectrum of creative people a bold presence in print. I see it as an ever evolving work of art. By collecting and sharing submissions from all over the world and merging them into a single experience – from the seldom seen work of the undiscovered to the prolific contributions of the professional, all the while helping support in-need arts and education related charities.



    Count Zinetacula

    Your site is amazing! Definitely interested in submitting!


    Bohzine (Spence)

    Awwweeee Thanks. Sorry it took me forever to respond to this.I’ve been busy getting a newer version of the site up and running and getting Issue 2 ready for print. Feel free to submit work anytime. I should have that section set to go in about a week again. Cheers! -Spence

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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