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    Is anyone here part of an APA (amateur press association)? I want to join one and maybe even start one. ^_^ I’d love to read about others’ experiences.


    Billy McCall

    I used to write for one for a year, here in the US. It was really fun, and interesting, because all of the contributors besides myself were NOT zinesters, but just people who enjoyed writing/paper/mail, etc. So one person did a block print every month, one person poetry, etc. The thing I didn’t like about that one was that you had to pay to be a part of it. The “dues” then paid for postage and a bit of money to the person who was in charge of collecting and mailing stuff out. That’s all fine and good, but there were a lot of “non-contributors” who were on the list whom I felt should have paid for everything while contributors “paid” by contributing.

    I’m also part of a collaborative zine called “Cuneiform” which is similar to an APA. Every three months about 10 of us mail contributions to one central mailer who then puts it all together and mails us out a zine of all our stuff. It’s really cool and fun, and pretty open if you, or someone else, wanted to join in. msg me if you’re interested.

    APAs are cool, as most of the time they are done by non-zinesters, but people with similar interests. There are a lot of different styles of how to do them, and lots of people who know more about them than I do.



    I’m still thinking about starting one because I really love the idea and will have a go with one in the States before I do. The money issue is an interesting one. I know I wouldn’t be able to afford the postage on my own if I ran one, so if contributors paid by contributing, I would absolutely need others who paid monetarily to receive the packs…

    I’m definitely interested but have to leave off joining in anything until I move. 😛


    James N. Dawson

    Hello Billy.
    Cuneiform is a classic APA. APA contributions were often called “zines”, so APA contributors are pretty much always zinesters or amateur journalists. There are many kinds of APA’s, many variations in how they’re done, but maybe you could sum them up by calling them reader-written discussion zines, a zine made up of zines. I’ve also called them sort of a group letter. The first APA started in the mid or late 1800’s when cheap desktop letterpresses became available. Like zines themselves, the only way to understand what APA’s are all about is ordering some and doing them. They’re too hard to define or explain. You have to see them and do them. If you want a few copies, send some dollars/stamps to:
    po box 226
    massilon, oh 44648

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