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Billy McCall

Cool! Thanks for the welcome. Yeah, I don’t know how much help I can be, but will at least pitch in my 2 cents. I’ve already told Nyx that I don’t think bringing content over from the other site should be a super high priority. Certain posts have longevity, but many times posts are dated. New zine announcements from a year ago, calls for submissions for zines that are already out now, or talking about a zinefest that has already passed, etc.

I’m also of the thought that less is more. Most websites try to cram in too much. Even this reply I’m typing, do I really need all the “bold, italics, link,” etc options at the top? Maybe it’s just me, but i feel like every website has a million things going on, and it’s too much.

The main reason I wanted on this crew, though, is to talk about the idea of selling zines online. I’ve been selling on etsy for some time now, but am getting tired of it. I was thinking of starting a new site, similar to etsy, but focused on zines. Then I thought maybe it should be incorporated into this site. Anyone want to voice thoughts on that?

Thanks again!