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Welcome aboard Billy! We’re here sporadically. Nix is copying over some of the relevant posts. He’s also an admin. You can coordinate with him if that’s something you’re interested in helping with. I’ll probably do some but I just started a new job with pretty strict internet usage policies so I’m more of a sysadmin/interested/supportive member/co-admin sort of thing.

Eventually the current WMZ will go away and that’s slated for September presently. The goal is to get content everybody loves over to this site before then and when we’re all as happy as we can be with this new site, transfer the domain to here and become WMZ proper. We just don’t want to greet new and previous users with a blank sate so to speak.

While we’re moving the content over and signing up some new users we are still in the construction phase of this site. Things are subject to change and we’re open to suggestions.

Also fee free to just post stuff here, test stuff out, etc. This will become the new WMZ home 🙂