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Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

I just learned about zines a few weeks ago. It came as an offshoot from my learning about the mimeo revolution from back in the 60’s which came from an offshoot of studying about the beat generation.

I had been producing hand-printed artists books of my photography for years. Have nearly 400 of them in the works. I wanted something easier and of a more relaxed nature to try than book printing. Zines seem to fit the proverbial bill.

Still learning the ropes of what are the best printing methods. And I have little skills in artistic design. I had been hand-printing my books on duo paper with inkjet printers. The paper is $$ and it is time consuming. Am looking for commercial printers to do the zine thing cheaper, smaller and less hassle.

I may do a zine called The Wheelchair Variations, Cat’s Meow and Blackout.

Here is a sample of Wheelchair Variations.


Cat’s Meow is vintage found photos and still in development.

Blackout is infrared flash photography taken in the dark. (This project should really suck down the black ink during printing!)

Good luck with all your projects!