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Frances DeMartino

I’m working on my first zine which will include some reviews and scans/photos of zine cover – I contacted every author/creator for permission.
I read a few older zines – part of zine collections – and unfortunately those authors don’t seem to be using the emails listed.
I’m still reviewing the zines, but without an accompanying graphic.
I will include the name and location of the collection where the zine can be found, and it’s individual number in the collection.
The posts and replies in this thread made me think a bit.
How would I feel if someone lifted my material.
Well, I blogged for 18+ years, and occasionally I have found my photos on other blogs and Pinterest.
The individuals linked to my blog or Flickr collection so I was okay with it.
I would be upset if they were used for financial gain.
I’m going to mail a copy of everything I do to myself – Thanks Joan!
Back to work.
My best to all.