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I’ve spent way to much money on inkjet printers in the past.

I’ve got a laserjet 4+ that I purchased for 25 dollars many years ago. It was recently printing like crap and I figured out the problem was a bad toner cart. This printer is now 26 years old and the toner carts have been discontinued for awhile. About a year ago I bought a genuine one that was sealed as you can now buy them for 20 bucks. Apparently this one had been stored in a bad environment because the wipers were not working and it was dumping toner all over the place.

I also have a Canon Pro-100, this is by far the best inkjet I’ve ever owned and often times you can buy them on sale with rebate for less then the price of ink carts. I’ve done a couple zine prints with it just printing a few copies, and it’s really to expensive to use, but I have recently got a refill kit for it.